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Accounting software has made the lives of all small business owners easier. It's no longer hard. You can now focus on more important things than keeping records, sifting through receipts, or paying bills. This guide will give you 10+ ways to use accounting software in your business.

10+ Accounting Software Overlooked Uses for Your Business

Technology is largely used by everyone to make their life easier. These days, there is a new trend of cloud-based software accounting systems which has simplified the tasks of small firms and entrepreneurs. Let's take a look at 10+ uses of this accounting software for all businesses around the globe.

Create Invoices

An invoice is a bill for the goods or services you have provided to the customer. Invoices are often used by businesses when they provide a product or service to another business or individual. You can create an invoice on a word processor or spreadsheet but using an invoicing module within your accounting software will save time and ensure accuracy in your invoices.

Record Payments

Once you have created an invoice you need to be able to record payments from customers as they come in. You can do this manually on a spreadsheet which will take time each day. Especially, if you have many customers paying by different methods. You can also use accounting software that will automatically allocate the payment to the correct invoice. It will save you time and ensure accuracy in your records.


When used consistently over time, accounting software lets you easily generate transaction reports that can help you to predict future trends. Using these reports, you can budget for future earnings and expenses, forecast the demand for your products or services, and determine how much inventory or supplies you’ll need in the future. All of this information helps to ensure that your business operates efficiently and profitably into the future.


The budget section of the accounting software helps you plan your finances. Businesses can plan how much money they want to spend on purchasing new assets, investing in marketing or buying raw materials for production. With reporting features create a budget and then use it regularly to check on your progress toward meeting your financial goals and objectives.

Keeps Track of Expenses

If you are a business owner, you know how important it is to keep track of all expenses. If not, your business may lose money and face bankruptcy. Invoices, payrolls, taxes and other expenses can easily be managed by accounting software. Accountants use this software to do the math for them to avoid errors. All they have to do is input the data and get the answer instantly.

Automating Your Accounts Payable Process

Accounting software can save your business money by automating your accounts payable process. By entering bills into the software when they arrive, you'll know exactly how much money is owed to each vendor. While by setting up automatic bill payment from within the software, you can ensure bills get paid on time.

You may also qualify for discounts from vendors if you pay within a certain time period. For instance, 10 days after receiving an invoice. If this is the case with one or more of your vendors, accounting software makes sure you don't miss out on these discounts.

Manages Cash Flow

It helps you manage cash flow by tracking the money going into and out of your business. You can use it to create invoices for customers and accept payments online. It also lets you set up automatic bill pay, so that all your bills are paid on time. This way helping you avoid late fees or damage to your credit score.

Calculates Income Taxes

Accounting software calculates income taxes based on the transactions recorded in your books. This makes it easy to see how much tax you owe at any given time. Then you can plan accordingly. Some accounting software even generates the forms necessary to file taxes with the IRS or other authorities.

Manages Payroll

All you need to do is enter the information of each employee and the system will take care of everything else. You can easily and quickly generate paychecks with all the necessary deductions.

Manages Accounts Receivable

Accounting software allows you to keep track of your receivables easily. You can see who owes you money, which invoices are past due, how much money is coming in (or not coming in) etc. This helps businesses stay on top of their finances.

Helpful for Audits

If you get audited by the IRS or any other government agency, accounting software can help you prepare for this audit very easily. Many agencies allow companies to submit their financial statements electronically over the Internet. While most accounting programs also have this option available. Overall, this process can be completed within minutes rather than days or weeks if you were doing it manually.


Whether you are planning on opening up a restaurant, have already opened up your business or company, need to complete the accounts for your small business or are a large corporation with many departments who use different trading software in their daily work, there are twelve uses of accounting software that can help all business. Whatever software you choose try and make sure it is supported, reputable and secure as well as having a good online support team of Acgile!

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