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Join the smartest and brightest people. We're rapidly expanding our services in Accounting, Bookkeeping, Support and Development domains. We're always looking for the best people to join our team. We believe in building our own team and appreciate fresh graduates and students. Professionals with ICMAP, ACCA & ICAP backgrounds are preferred. Every applicant is carefully reviewed, vetted and interviewed.

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Hiring Process:

When Acgile’s needs to hire an employee it starts by generating a job description that includes a prioritised list of job requirements, roles & responsibilities, educational qualifications. The job description also includes information regarding salary. The hiring process goes through six phases:

step number one for hiring processes

1- Advertisement

Are you looking for a new career opportunity? We at Acgile works to create a valuable team and
to increase reach of opportunities to the maximum. Our personalized standard system designs an
on-point job requirements, and what we are seeking into a candidate through advertisement. We
add all the basic to advance skills, scope of the post, and what this role demands from you in
respect of knowledge, experience, and personality development etc.

step number two for hiring processes

2- Shortlist Profile

Shortlisting candidates for interviews and other recruitment processes is a crucial part of the
hiring process. Our HR department selects the best match with the job role’s requirements.
Afterwards, potential candidates are shortlisted by looking into, their interest, moral values and
ethics, background check, ambitions, location, industry and more depends on job’s sensitivity.

step number three for hiring processes

3- Initial Screening

We use an innovative and effective way to screen potential candidates through our expert HR
person. At first, we set a suitable time for both of us, then does an initial screening on phone
call/Video call. Before this first interview HR is fully well aware about what you have mentioned
in your CV/resume. So, we will ask questions relevant professional questions. We then contact
you back once we get feedback on your initial screening report from HR main Body Person.

step number four for hiring processes

4- Interview

The interview process is often a stressful experience for employers and employee, which is why
50% of applicants never hear back from their interviewers. That’s what we are striving to
change! As a company that is absolutely committed to attracting and retaining top talent, our
CEO, Mr. Zain, is a leading authority on final interview questions. We make sure the timings and
availability of both candidates and higher management for asking right questions in a
professional yet comfortable environment.

step number five for hiring processes

5- Applicant Assessment

The resume and cover letter are just a few parts of the puzzle, but there's no substitute for seeing
how you present yourself in person. When the HR and CEO at Acgile decides to hire a new
employee, we take is as an adding a new member into our family yet professional environment.
We never compromise on ethics, morals, commitment, willingness for growth and development,
and your one ability that differentiates you from others!

step number six for hiring processes

6- Job Offering

We know that the job market is tough, but we're confident we can help get your career back on
track. After a personalized interview and assessment, we can offer you a best package filled with
healthy environment to grow personally and professionally, handsome earning to live peacefully,
scope to achieve your aims and goals, unstoppable path of promotional chances, training sessions
with learning opportunities, and rewards to appreciative our team player’s devoted and efficient
services. We make sure you're getting the best opportunity.

Feel free to send your resume/CV at hr@acgile.com

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