A Career at Acgile

Join the smartest and brightest people. We're rapidly expanding our services in Accounting, Bookkeeping, Support, & Development domains. We're always looking for the best people to join our team. We believe in building our own team and appreciate fresh graduates and students. Professionals with ICMAP, ACCA & ICAP backgrounds are preferred. Every applicant is carefully reviewed, vetted, and interviewed.

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The hiring process goes through six phases:

Image of First Step in hiring process

1- Advertisement

When Acgile’s needs to hire an employee it starts by generating an advertisement that includes a prioritized list of job requirements, roles & responsibilities, educational qualifications, information regarding salary, etc. At Acgile, we strive to build a valuable team and expand the reach of chances to the greatest extent possible by advertising our job posts on different social media platforms e.g: Linkedin, Facebook, etc.

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2- Shortlist Profile

A critical aspect of the hiring/recruitment process is shortlisting candidates for interviews. Our HR associates select the best match for an interview with the job role’s requirements. After that, depending on the job's sensitivity, potential applicants are shortlisted based on their skills, moral beliefs, ethics, background check, goals, hobbies, professionalism, and more. All these aspects are checked through their Curriculum Vitae/Resume.

Image of Third Step in hiring process

3- Initial Screening

Initial screening begins with a phone call and email from HR-Department. The HR-Person determines if the applicants process the requisite qualifications to fill the position and align with our culture and values. After the evaluation process, your initial screening is done! and your interview is scheduled. Remember, HR is fully aware of everything you mentioned in your CV/resume before this initial interview. As a result, we'll ask pertinent professional questions.

Image of Fourth Step in hiring process

4- Interview

Your interview is conducted by the senior manager of the relevant department. As a company, Acgile is committed to attracting and retaining top talent, our CEO, Mr Zain, is a leading authority on final interview questions. We’ll make sure to ask the right questions in a professional and comfortable environment.

Image of Fifth Step in hiring process

5- Applicant Assessment

Applicant assessment is done in the first two weeks which leads the candidate to the Job Offer. After the assessment and training period, you’re welcome to the new journey! When Acgile's HR and CEO decide to hire a new employee, we treat it as if we're welcoming a new family member into our working environment. We never compromise on ethics, commitment, eagerness to learn, and the one ability that sets you apart from the competition!

Image of Sixth Step in hiring process

6- Job Offering

We know that the job market is tough, but we're confident we can help get your career back on track. After a personalized interview and assessment, we can offer you the best package filled with a healthy environment to grow personally and professionally, handsome earning to live peacefully, scope to achieve your aims and goals, the unstoppable path of promotional chances, training sessions with learning opportunities, and rewards to appreciative our team player’s devoted and efficient services. We make sure you're getting the best opportunity.


Feel free to send your resume/CV at hr@acgile.com